When Kayla Was Kyle
When Kayla Was Kyle supports social action and anti-bullying curriculum in K-8 classrooms!
  • Speaks directly to the LGBT issues in gentle accessible language and playful illustrations.
  • Ends name-calling!
  • Helps students improve their empathic skills and reinforce community spirit.
  • Shows students how to create safe schools with respectful language for all.
  • Includes students in social action projects based on Kayla’s story.

Listen to Amy Fabrikant's interview on NPR, talking about the story of Kayla – and her struggle to become her true self. Amy shares how the first publisher she worked with told her the book would never sell unless the characters were ducks!


What Educators Are Saying

“Kayla’s story is told with sweetness and sensitivity. It’s an important book– every school library should have a copy of When Kayla Was Kyle”

- Laura Boss, A national award-winning poet and editor of Lips Poetry Magazine

“This is a beautifully written heartfelt story about acceptance and love! Amy Fabrikant’s work is helping and will help many families.”

- Nancy Jennison, National Board-Certified Teacher and author

“Amy Fabrikant’s contributions and proven abilities to speak with and connect to people within the LGBT community with her unique insights, learning and action-based counsel have positively impacted dozens, likely hundreds, of parents, children, grandparents and friends who find themselves eager to find ways to embrace, celebrate and to stand up and be proud.”

- Matthew Greene, PFLAGNYC Board Member

“Finally, a super story that addresses the issues surrounding gender diversity in a beautifully illustrated book for kids. Every kid has issues — questions, insecurities, reasons they feel different — and here is the perfect place to start the conversation, whether about bullying, gender identity or any issue that’s hard to talk about. As valuable to the parents as it is for the kids!”

- Stacey, parent

“Two years ago, I attended a seminar given by author and LGBTQIA advocate, Amy Fabrikant and I purchased her children's book, "When Kayla was Kyle", for my home library. My six year old chose to read it for one of her home reading book entries for school. This year my firstborn announced his transgender identity. At the critical moment of acceptance, the real storyline of my eldest child was not an unfamiliar story, and my youngest had a positive point of reference to understand her older sibling! Today, I have two well adjusted children who have been able to grow in understanding of who they are and who we are as a community in this glorious changing world. Thank you, Amy for participating directly and indirectly in my family's growth.”

- Rev. Michelle Wiltshire-Clement

About the Author

Dear Friends,
I am very happy to share with you my book, When Kayla Was Kyle. It introduces children to the idea of gender diversity with friendly, gentle language and playful illustrations.

When I first started writing, When Kayla Was Kyle, publishers told me that the world didn’t need or want a book about a transgender child. They wanted the characters to be ducks or dogs? It’s possible that transgender ducks and dogs exist, but is that a book the world really needs? When Kayla Was Kyle is based on the real experiences of transgender and gender diverse children. Now is the time to end the shame.

Sadly, there are thousands of students who are not able to express their gender diversity.

LGBTQ students are at risk. School is not safe for them:

  • 91% felt deliberately excluded or “left out” by peers.
  • 86% had mean rumors or lies told about them.
  • 64% were sexually harassed.
  • 57% experienced electronic harassment or “cyberbullying”; and 46% had property (e.g., car, clothing, or books) deliberately damaged and/or stolen.

Some of you may have heard me speak at a safe school training on gender diversity. These discussions help empower school communities to reflect on strengths and weakness of diversity policies and create positive cultures where there is responsible talk around diversity. When Kayla Was Kyle offers language and story for those trying to understand the LGBTQ kids. It raises the issue of equality and diversity and often leads to peer advocacy.

Please join me in the human rights campaign to support gender diversity.

When we put our hearts together, we bring compassion to the world,


Amy Fabrikant is a writer, literacy coach, and LGBTQ safe school consultant. She has worked with kids in schools for over 30 years and is the author of parenting and school-based advocacy articles.

Dedicated to celebrating diversity and creating safe schools for all children

Professional Development

Amy introduces school communities to gender diversity awareness in various formats:

  • Professional development opportunities for administration and faculty on anti-bullying curriculum that speak directly to LGBTQ issues.
  • Age appropriate school based assemblies.
  • Theatrical presentations of When Kayla Was Kyle, featuring Jenn Levine, illustrator of When Kayla Was Kyle, and Scott Massarsky, song writer&musician.
  • Parent workshop, “What every parent needs to know about gender diversity and LGBTQ kids.”

Buy the Book

Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Trans Youth Family Allies

Kyle doesn’t understand why the other kids at school call him names. He looks like other boys, but doesn’t feel like them. Can Kyle find the words to share his feelings about his gender – and can his parents help him to transition into the girl he was born to be? When Kayla Was Kyle is a picture book children of all ages will want to read because it addresses the increasingly emerging ideas around Gender Diversity.

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